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"It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Sincerely Yours Events, and also to share a few comments on their support to our family.  They provided assistance and guidance on our daughters’ wedding day. They seemed to know what was needed before I could even ask.  They coordinated communications between the wedding party and vendors and they made every detail flow to perfection.  They kept us all on track with each event from our arrival until after the last guest and vendor departed.  It was evident that they did their homework… They were familiar with each vendor, knew how we wanted the sequence of the wedding to flow, and were prepared for every possible situation.  They have the most wonderful personalities and they make it easy to put our trust in their hands. They are a beautiful part of our wonderful wedding memories and truly a pleasure to work with."-Mother of The Bride

“I cannot say enough about how important Sincerely Yours was to making our wedding day a success!! We had planned a beautiful outdoor wedding… and even had a great back up rain plan! But the rain that came that week was more of a flood, and things got crazy really fast. They never missed a beat. They went above and beyond to make sure all the changes that had to be made were handled so I could enjoy mimosas and my girlfriends while I got ready. We had an AV problem during the ceremony and she literally crawled under a table to make it work for us so our guests never knew there was an issue! They were on top of every detail and even when there were hiccups (as EVERY wedding has!), as the bride I never knew about any of them until people told us stories after the fact! Our flooded outdoor wedding could have been a complete disaster, but because of their dedication, passion and attention to detail – it was one of the best days of our lives! We literally could not have done it without them and we are so thankful they were there to save the day over and over again!”- Bride

Photo by  5D Photography

"The Sincerely Yours team was an amazing help on our wedding day. They were with us bright and early that morning to make sure the entire day went seamlessly. Their eye for detail and organization was just what we needed for a beautiful wedding. We owe them a huge thank you for making our day exactly how we imagined."-Bride

"They were an invaluable asset at my daughter's wedding. They were very organized and knew what we needed done to keep things orderly and calm. While their presence was unobtrusive, they seemed to be at just the right place to provide that missing item that no one had remembered to bring or usher wandering guests to their proper locations. Every family could benefit by having them plan their special event."-Mother of the Bride

"I used Sincerely Yours Events as our wedding coordinators with the marriages of our two younger children. I attempted to be my own coordinator with two previous weddings of my older children. I found it very difficult to do, taking away my time to relax and enjoy the day. It made a world of difference to me and my entire family to have them help with the last two weddings!"-Mother Of The Bride

"I highly recommend using Sincerely Yours Events to plan your wedding. Susan and Emily are awesome. My son and his fiancee were married on December 10, 2016 in Savannah, Ga. They live in Savannah, Ga, but the moms live out of state. Susan and Emily are very professional, but they also care about the couple and want their wedding experience to be wonderful and stress free. It was. These two ladies were there for me and my many questions, as well. They were prepared for anything and everything. They worked tirelessly the day of the wedding and into the night at the reception. Thanks to them it was a memorable and beautiful experience. Thank you Ladies!" -Mother of the Groom

Photo by Kim Branagan Photography

Photo by Kim Branagan Photography

"Emily and Susan are quite possibly the most awesome people I know. I was incredibly stressed out about planning my wedding. I didn't yet live where the wedding was so I had no contacts/vendors and I was really flying blind. Everyone kept asking me questions, and I had no answers. Then I found Emily and Susan from Sincerely Yours Events. They are amazing. They talked everything through with me and gave me guidance on what I should be doing next. They even had a few vendor recommendations that they had worked with before. They met with me one month and one week before the wedding. They were also just a phone call away anytime I needed anything or had any questions. There was very little I had to do on my wedding day besides enjoy myself. They had worked with the rental company, catering company, dj, and photographer before so everything was seamless. When I first started, I didn't think I would get a wedding coordinator, but now, I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had stuck to that plan. Do yourself a favor and hire Sincerely Yours Events." -Bride

Photo by Mandee Matthews Photography

Photo by Mandee Matthews Photography

"Emily and Susan are incredible, save-the-day, be there for every moment wedding coordinators. They did a phenomenal job helping my mom and I put together everything for the big day. They kept us on track with everything that needed to be done prior to the wedding, as well as keeping us on schedule the day of. These are two fun ladies who know exactly how to execute a beautiful wedding! I highly recommend them!" -Bride

"Emily & Susan are sincerely two of the sweetest people with a true passion for what they love to do. They orchestrated absolute magic at our reception and took my bridal vision for decor to create the perfect setting for our wedding best day ever! The process of working with them to prepare for the big day was extremely comforting and gave lots of peace of mind as they worked diligently to ensure all the big and small details were discussed and vendors were coordinated. Together, they make the perfect duo. My husband & I would highly recommend them and wish them the absolute best." -Bride